Say goodbye to painful waxing, expensive electrolysis, mounting razor bills, and hello to the hair-free world the Cutera laser system provides. With 21st century technology, the ProWave and CoolGlide work together to cool and soothe your skin as it removes unwanted hair. 

From head-to-toe, our laser hair removal system gets rid of hair from all parts of the body and face. It's gentle and effective design allows us to work even the most sensitive areas like the chest, nipples, and bikini line. Most areas of the body require three to six treatments for permanent hair removal. 

After your session, you may notice what seems to be hair regrowth, but this is likely hairs being shed as a result of the treatment. We advise hair removal clients not to wax or pluck hair between sessions, but shaving is allowed.

Our Laser Hair Removal services are priced by body part but are subjective to changes depending on hair growth. If you are a new guest visiting us, we recommend setting up a consultation with us prior to your first appointment to discuss pricing, length of time, and expected results. 

  • Lip (Upper or Lower)

  • Chin & Anterior Neck

  • Cheeks/Sideburns

  • Neck (Front or Back)

  • Underarm

  • Sternum

  • Linea

  • Areola

  • Bikini (basic)

  • Inner Buttock

  • Hands & Fingers

  • Feet & Toes

  • Shoulders

  • Chest

  • Abdomen

  • Back (Upper or Lower)

  • Face (Full or Half)

  • Entire Neck

  • Buttocks (Not Including Inner Buttock Area)

  • Legs (Upper, Lower or Full)

  • Lower Arms

  • Full Arms

  • Trip To Brazil (Full Bikini)

  • Back (Entire)

If you are taking medications or have any health concerns please reach out before booking an appointment to ensure treatments can be carried out without any risks.

*Hair re-growth may occur after successful laser removal due to a change in hormonal levels, medication or other metabolic changes.*