Our membership program is designed to help you save money while encouraging you to invest more time and energy into your health and well-being. This is the ultimate dedication in self-care and achieving your skin and body health goals. 

The Membership-$135

Each month you receive an Express Facial ($65) and a Total Brow Service ($30) plus one service from the menu below: 

  • Express Manicure - $40
  • Express Pedicure - $55
  • Laser Lip - $65
  • Laser Chin - $65
  • Laser Underarm - $65
  • Basic Bikini 3" - $65

Keep in mind laser hair removal will need to be spaced four to six weeks a part so it is a great idea to rotate areas!


  • 10% Off All Other Services
  • 10% Off Products
  • Add-On Discounts: Dermaplane, Chemical Peel, Red/Blue LED - $45 (Each)
  • Exclusive Member Only Monthly Specials
  • Access To Our Membership Group On Facebook Where We Can Connect & Discuss Skin Goals and Plans
  • One-On-One Mentoring
  • Webinar Lessons


We will keep your credit card information on file and bill you on the first of each month. The first month needs to be purchased in person and billing information will be retained at the same time, which will include a copy of your credit card for our files. This information will be destroyed when your membership expires, or is cancelled. 


Each opt-in comes with a six month membership commitment. A six month duration is most optimal as this will allow you to see the benefits of the membership and how a professional skincare routine will change your life. Once your six months are up, your membership will switch to month-to-month.


Going on vacation? Heading off for a work trip? You can freeze your membership for up to a month, twice a year, but you must give at least two weeks notice before your fee comes out (on the first of each month).


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