With the addition of our new laser, there isn’t a skin concern we can’t treat. The PicoWay Laser system is revolutionary with its treatment of acne scars, wrinkles and fine lines, and pigmentation concerns. It's so technologically advanced it even offers a solution to hard-to-treat melasma. It boasts three wavelengths and uses short picosecond pulses to treat a broad range of skin types in less treatments and with greater comfort!

If you are taking medications or have any health concerns please reach out before booking an appointment to ensure treatments can be carried out without any risks.

+ What can the PicoWay Laser treat?

PicoWay can treat a variety of skin concers but the advanced technology is best for scarring, freckles, age concerns, pigmentation issues, birthmarks, and Melasma. It is also the laser we use to remove unwanted tattoos.


Resolve treatments are safe for all skin types and colours. We have had the pleasure of helping teenagers, adults, seniors and both men and women.

+ How Long does each session take?

Our signature Resolve Facial takes between forty-five to sizty minutes. For our spot treatments, the time can be cut in half. It depends on how big the area is and what we are treating.

+ Will you need more than one appointment?

Generally speaking, yes. Although people have experienced amazing results after just one session and didn't feel as though they needed to return. Results vary from person to person.

+ Is Laser Treatment painful?

Like most procedures, there can be a bit of discomfort during the procedure, but the PicoWay is known to be one of the least painful lasers on the market.

+ what kind of aftercare is needed?

For most services, we recommend staying out of the sun and always applying sunscreen. You may experience a bit of swelling and redness afterwards which can be soothed with cool compresses.


Most clients don't need any recovery time and can slip right back into their normal routine after their appointment.

Want to learn more and have us recommend services for your skin, book a complimentary skincare consultation! Skin consultations allow us to hear your concerns, examine your skin, and figure out a regime that will help you reach your goals.

Eliminate unwanted age spots, marks and scarring while reversing the sings of aging. Our signature Resolve Facial triggers the production of new collagen and literally leaves you with younger, healthier looking skin.

Great for fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, hyperpigmentation, and melasma!



Not sure about an entire facial? Book a spot treatment for freckles, redness, acne scares, birthmarks, and unwanted blemishes. Recommended only for small areas. If you are concerned about more than 10% of your skin, please book a Resolve Facial.