My name is Tee. 

Some of you may not know me, but I am basically the wizard hiding behind the screen. I am fortunate enough to have Natalee deem my services necessary - and so, I create content for her, write the newsletters, and even hand crafted this website. What most people don't know is that I am not a skincare expert. In fact, to say I neglect my skin would be a massive understatement. 


When it comes to my skincare routine, using the word minimal would be generous. Sure, I wash my face, like once a week ... if I remember to do it. And hey, I mist my skin with the Hydrating Mist from Glo Skin Beauty, surely that must count as something? So, maybe I've been known to moisturize once a month and the closest thing I've gotten to a spa treatment is one of those three dollar masks you get from Shoppers Drug Mart, but I rarely breakout and, even though the lines between my brows are trenches dug out from stress, I think my skin is in fairly good condition. Or is it? 

Having worked with Natalee for nearly two years, I know the importance of regular skincare. So, what's my problem?  



In the beginning, back in my twenties, I skimped on skincare because of ignorance. I just didn't understand how good products and regular services could change your life. As I got older, it came down to money, not being able to afford those spa services, and then when money wasn't so much of an issue it was time. And, as I embarrassingly reveal, laziness. A daily routine that includes exfoliation, eye cream, moisturizer, and toner can seem daunting. 

Say you're similar to me. You don't have the time, money, and energy to sink into an exhaustive skincare routine. What can people like us do to ensure we don't age prematurely? The answer is crazy simple - HYDRAGENESIS!


HydraGenesis is a dual treatment that combines the resurfacing power of the HydraFacial with the collagen stimulating benefits of Laser Genesis. Both of these treatments have been known to aid in helping fine lines, wrinkles, evening texture, minimizing pores, and diminishing redness but one is working mostly on the surface of the skin, while the other is getting into the deeper layers and leaving a more lasting effect.

To be honest, when Natalee first presented the idea of me coming to try out this service, I was intimidated. Words like laser and resurfacing can sound scary. Still, I decided it was time to try out at least one of the wonderful services this extremely talented and wonderful woman offers. 


Before even beginning, Natalee took the time to explain the disposable applicators and tools she would be using for the HydraFacial. She started with a cleanse and Lymphatic Drainage which was actually quite relaxing, then moved on to the extracting stage. Essentially, this machine is like a vacuum for your face. It sucks out, or extracts if you want to be technical, clogged pores and dead skin cells. This part of the procedure made me giggle. It felt like a cat was licking me and kept giving me a tingling feeling along my jawline. There are several other steps to the HydraFacial treatment, like the application of serums, which was a cooling sensation and almost opposite to extracting as it is hydrating the skin with antioxidants and peptides.  




For the Laser Genesis part of my treatment, I didn't see anything as you have to wear protective eye wear. Natalee uses a handheld laser to heat the skin which triggers collagen production, which is the key to younger looking skin. The heat was warm along the cheeks and a little more intense on my forehead where Natalee explained the skin was thinner. She also has a super awesome pair of goggles that allows her to really see your skin and she can tell what temperature it's heating to. 



Once my service was done I immediately saw my pores were way less noticeable. My skin appeared to be more radiant, almost glowing, and I felt refreshed. Natalee also used the laser to zap a broken blood capillary on my cheek and it is gone! After a couple of days, the lines between my eyebrows were far less deep and my skin still looks healthier and happier. If you aren't looking for a monthly service and are generally happy with your routine (or lack of a routine), but want something to give you a boost twice a year, then HydraGenesis would be a great option for you. It has immediate and long term results thanks to this powerhouse treatment combo! 

Would I do it again? Absolutely! 

Am I happy with my results? A resounding YES. 

If only we'd taken a before and after. Oh, well. I do have these afters taken nearly a week after my treatment. Two in my bathroom lighting and the last one in natural, outside lighting with my hair sweaty trying to get my child to take a nap in the car.