The Summer Of You!

Things have changed since we raced out of the school towards summer vacation, shedding our worries over homework along with the books that weighed down our bags. We grew up, which unfortunately means we dedicate the majority of our time to being responsible adults. These days we’d be lucky to get a week off, let alone two months. It may be the beginning of August, but all it takes is a blink of an eye and Autumn will be breathing cool air on our necks and we’ll be reaching for woolly socks and hooded sweatshirts.

In an attempt to beat the nine-to-five, we have come up with the top ten tips for having a summer your childhood self would be proud of.

Thirty Minute Minimum

Remember when your parents would banish you outside and you weren’t allowed to return until dinner time? We spent so many days outside during summer vacation that we didn’t know what to do with ourselves when the rare rainy one came. So, when the weather is nice, sign on for a thirty minute minimum of outside time. Utilize those lunch breaks by taking a stroll to a local park and catching a few rays, your skin and mental health will thank you.

Treat Yourself

There was nothing more exciting than hearing the musical tones of the ice cream truck when you were a kid. When did that change? This summer when you hear those familiar notes resonating down your street, chase after them! Besides, everyone knows the calories from ice cream don’t count in the summer due to all the sweating you do.

All Natural

Every once in a while it’s okay to leave the makeup at home, especially when it’s sweltering out and you fear your face melting off. A huge advantage of being all natural is having the opportunity to enjoy the local water-park or going for a dip in the ocean.

Five Minute Adventures

It’s been a long day. You’re tired. All you want to do is go home and veg on the couch. Don’t. Take a detour from your normal route and go on a five minute adventure. It can be as simple as stopping to jump in the river, walking along the beach and collecting a seashell, or exploring a wooded park you’ve driven by a hundred times without stopping. These quick little escapades may seem like a challenge at first but soon enough you’ll be seeing potential five minute adventures everywhere you look.

Pedal Faster

When the weekend comes, take your bike out of retirement. If you don’t have one, rent one! Don’t you remember exploring the neighbourhood and zipping down hills with the wind in your hair. You can have that exhilarating freedom again—you just have to pedal faster. 

Ripe & Juicy

There is nothing better than summer fruit and the more local it is, the better. Take the time to visit all the local fruit stands and farmer markets, then spend the afternoon over indulging. Trust us when we say, it’s good for you. Fruit is healthy, remember?


There is one perk of being a grown up and that’s having a set of wheels. When the weekend comes, grab a friend and hit the road. Pick a random destination and drive. Mini road trips will give you the feeling of getting away without actually taking the time off or breaking your bank.

Get Wet

To truly enjoy summer you must get wet. Whether it is taking a dip in the ocean or having a water fight with your best buds, ensure you make time for playing in the water. Not only is it great for your skin (added hydration) but you’ll feel refreshed and energized.

Just Kidding

Tell a joke. Laugh the loudest. Until it hurts. Once you start laughing, we promise the summer will fill to the brim with joy.

Be You

If we had to choose one word to sum up our childhood summers it would have to be ‘carefree’. We didn’t care if our clothes were grass stained and ripped. We didn’t care if our tummies hung over our bathing suit bottoms. We didn’t care that our hair was salty from the sea and knotted. We didn’t care that we had sticky hands. We didn’t care that our feet were perpetually dirty. We didn’t care what anyone thought, most of all ourselves.

This summer be the perfect creature you are. Stay hydrated. Eat fresh fruit. Get outside.  Always wear sunscreen – our favourite is Elta MD, both a moisturizer and a tint. Embrace your wildness. Be an unapologetic mess. Taste the salt breeze and let the warmth of the sun sooth you to sleep on lazy afternoons. Reclaim your freedom. Seek out fun. Don’t let your adulting get in the way of having fun. And above all, recapture the magic of being young.