Foreo Luna - Product Review

When asked by skincare professionals about their daily face cleansing routine the majority of women admitted to having the same regime as when they were teenagers. Most clients rely on facecloths or loofas to wash away impurities that collect throughout the day, but when it comes to products they have tried and tested an assortment of brands. What if we were to tell you that the tool you use to clean your face is just as important, if not more so, than the cleansers you use? Today we are talking about the Foreo Luna, a revolutionary tool designed with the sole purpose of cleaning your face.


Founded in 2013, Foreo is a health and beauty company that creates unique and effective tools for cleansing. All the products are designed in Sweden, but are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities in the United States, Europe and Asia. Dedicated to delivering the highest quality product, each device is put through seven quality control inspections before being shipped out. Accessible in over thirty-five countries, Foreo is taking the world by storm and owe their success to the world-class experts, product designers and engineers they enlisted at the Foreo Institute.



The LUNA is Foreo’s award-winning flagship product. This handheld silicone skincare device is ultra-hygienic as it is made of a non-porous material that resists build-up of bactiria. By delivering pulsations into the skin it effectively removes 99.5% of dirt and oil, along with makeup residue and dead skin cells, and these soft vibrations help relax facial muscles and boost circulation, making it an anti-aging tool as well. Ideal for all skin types as the LUNA comes in an assortment of colours which are each designed for specific skin combinations.

Each device comes with a ten year quality guarantee and a two year limited warranty. It is 100% waterproof, which means you can use it in the bath or shower, and when charged it can last up to 180 uses.


While the Foreo Luna might not seem like a must have product at first glance, we are so happy to have discovered it. Here is what we found:

The Pros

  • Impressed with how it was designed specifically for our skin type
  • It’s super easy to clean and the silicone means no bacteria
  • Even when used every day, the bristles remained soft to the touch, feeling like a massage
  • A definite scrubbing effect which left my skin feeling cleaner than when we washed with our hands or a facecloth
  • Immediately after using our skin felt tingly and refreshed, almost as if we’d just had a facial exfoliation
  • The reverse anti-aging side, which uses lower-frequency pulsations, helped reduce fine lines and left skin feeling firm and lifted
  • Pulsations helped to gently infuse our skincare products into our skin by stimulating circulation and absorption
  • A huge pro is time – it only takes about two minutes in our morning routine
  • The battery lasts forever and it’s portable with no cords

The Cons

  • Sadly, you can’t just pick whatever colour you like as the colour is based on skin type.
  • Ordering online takes a long time to receive
  • Online ordering also costs more
  • The Foreo Luna Mini doesn't have an anti-aging side and is only a cleansing tool

In the end, there weren’t a lot of cons. While we couldn’t find a solution for not being able to select whatever colour we wanted, if you buy the product at Generations Laser you won’t have to wait a long time and it’s actually cheaper! Besides, we all know it’s way better to shop local anyhow. The Luna is retailing at $199 and the Mini is $169 and they are totally worth the investment. 

Honestly, we noticed instant results with the Foreo LUNA. Where has this product been our whole lives? It’s like having a facial treatment at home in two very easy and time-saving steps. Our skin definitely feels healthier and looks clearer, and we even think there is a notable glow. We loved it so much, we even invested in one of their toothbrushes! If you are interested in purchasing one of these ground-breaking facial cleansing tools, please contact us at the shop. Consultations are always free and Natalee is ready and willing to chat with you about this revolutionary product.